The Strangers- Movie Review

Lets review the movie The Strangers


The movie is intensely scary. The movie is set in an essentially abandoned house/ summer home. The two main characters are a weird couple(will find out why in spoiler). While in the summer home a strange lady continuously ask for a woman who is lives there. The couple is freaked out and continue to engage in sexual activities. Later the male of the relationship leaves and then the female of the relationship is left all alone.


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Facebook is turning into slow book.

What is going on?
Lately on facebook there has been connection and PHP ISSUES. Facebook has as you all known given external programs to other locations and websites(3rd party software)and now it is facing a crisis. When logging in from any computer(I tried over 20)I get a slow and bad connection to facebook. Using their chat system to talk to online friends is going futile when the system is outdated(time frames) and it keeps logging others off.

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Happy Memorial Day

Our country is only as strong as the military. Our veterans has made our country stronger and a safe place. \

I will like to give honor to the men and women who gave their lives to protect the American life.

Many brave men and women have given their lives to freedom and democracy continue to ring.


Besides Bar-be-quing all day take the time out to call someone from the US Army, US Marines, US Navy, US Coast Guard and more. To be even able to type this blog post today is a gift of love by our armed forces.


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Look at those new prices?

With gas prices at $4 a gallon we need suffer at other places. The gas prices affects the fees for truck drivers. With the supply and demand for gas we can expect more prices going up. However we can help our prices go down.

Here is the current list of ways to help the prices lower.

*Ride a bike to places(good exercise too)
*Use public transportation when traveling long distances(More people in 1 vehicle is better, since its driving around anyway)
*Buy a hybrid car(But do not get all smuggy, but show that you care)
*Drive less, if you have a car only drive when going to places that requires a car(like an area you do not know where to get around at).
*Stay home and relax(IF you are at home watching tv or playing a pc or video game you would not even think of driving).There are many free games sites out there like,,, and . If you play your game with friends you have just stopped them from going out(make sure they either walk or ride their bikes to your house!).

There are many more ways to stop using gasoline. Petroleum is a limitied source and must make sure we keep it available for cheap and our products.

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The attempt to destroy the

After a failed attempt to destroy the I am here to laugh!
The pgm has many backups on flash drives, hard drives, and even floppy disk for the main page and css codes. The pgm is just switching over hosting because has just taken the word of a few gm members who reported abuse. Since we were a free account they did not even bother to do their research.
When asked why did they immediately delete a reply said”We don’t have resources to look into it”. So I do not suggest anyone using anymore, they lost their integrity. The site should be back up by tommorrow after the dns has successfully forwarded.

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The Nateistoraw, favorite youtube videos list!

Here are the top 5 of my favorite youtube video list!

Okay here we go!

1.I’m Still A Guy(Sims music video)-

*The video probably set how the real video will look. Also I love this song. *

2. Law and Order season 18 episode 1 – clip two-

*In this clip the new prosecutor shows he can p00wn as well.*

3.Crank Dat Barney –

*The video is totally hilarious! IT makes Barney look like hes an actual rapper. This is one of the most original videos ever seen.*

4. Dramatic Chipmunk CURSES-

*He doesn’t actually curse, but this video was hilarious because its a chipmunk!*

5.Car Accident (old lady) Funny-

*The feeling of the video is funny in itself. But its still in the bottom of my memories. Its a recently watched video*

Well thats my current top 5. I know its arrogant but I made better videos!

Disclaimer: I did not upload or encourage anyone to upload any of the videos uploaded. The uploaders are responsible for anything related to their videos.

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I seen ironman!

Ironman the movie review!

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The Nateistoraw Legacy or Falacy?

In recent events nateistoraw has been hated for many unknown reasons. The orgin of why many dislike nateistoraw is still unknown. Some speculate that nateistoraw was involved in a massive flame and spam war, however a reputation can not exist because the people who were involved were banned or now currently inactive. At ’s chat room many people who migrate from the gmc ( come to the chat room and forums for spamming and swearing purposes only Many people have profited much from making a slur against nateistoraw. However, nateistoraw is a excellent programmer, businessman, decision maker, politician, writer, and creative person. Nateistoraw has made an extremely successful website that includes comics, games, and screensavers. Often creating new ideas and coding what others fear and are unable to code. In his spare time he often makes amv(Animated Music Videos) .

The legend of nateistoraw is being put to the test. Please avoid creating spam, flames, and slurs towards or nateistoraw unless it is desereved. Many people have decided to play follow the noobster, which is groups who attack great people integrity. This is the 1st blog entry, and will sure not be the last.

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The nateistoraw blog is here

The nateistoraw blog is here! Congratulations, we know that at the that you may become tired of constantly seeing updates for games that have not been released, so we have decided to blog in our spare time.

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